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with Bruno Lauzi

"...Pasquale D’Angelo sings like a cherub, he doesn’t bawl, he believes that if you are right you don’t need to be vulgar, but you can let your voice slip under the closed door to our innermost rooms, knowing that the music is only one and that whoever loves Naples carries it in his or her DNA. Ah! I almost forgot: since that fateful morning when I stumbled on his voice I realized that for him, for the first time, I had to join that profession us artists hate so much: I had to become a record producer!...”

Bruno Lauzi


In concert together with Sergio Bruni

Napoli ieri oggi e domani, Naples, Teatro Diana,  May 1997;

In concert

Pasquale D'Angelo was born in Naples in 1963.He studied classic guitar under Edoardo Caliendo, double bass under Nicola Buonomo at the Conservatorio di Napoli San Pietro a Majella and singing under Thea Carcavallo.
During his last years of studying music he, every now and then, helped his father Bruno,sole partner and administrator of the Fausto Fiorentino publishing house S.r.l. A Law Degree at the Università Federico II, then he got professional qualifications as labour advisor, lawyer and professor of law and economic studies. He has been performing in “voice and guitar” concerts in Italy and abroad since 1989 offering a vast repertoire of Neapolitan songs starting from the 18th century. He has worked with famous musicians and singers:with Edoardo Caliendo, Anacapri (Capri), piazza Boffe, September 1989; with Bruno Lauzi, Genova, Sgt Pepper (ex teatro Massimo), January 1990 and Anacapri, piazza San Nicola, july 2003; with Vincenzo De Gregorio, Anacapri, piazza San Nicola, September 1990; with Roberto Murolo, Naples, Flag Cabaret, November 1992; with Sergio Bruni ( as director of the show Napoli ieri oggi e domani), Naples, Teatro Diana, May1997; with Gianni Guarracino, Napoli, Associazione Musicale Maggio della Musica, at the Capodimonte Royal House October 2007; with Giovanni Dell'Aversana, Naples, Museum of Capodimonte, March 2008; with the mezzo-soprano Amalia Dustin, Rome, Associazione Musicale Arte Cultura Elena D'Ambrosio, february 2011. He took part, with the writer Erri De Luca, to the 'Liturgia dell'Arte’ event: "Caravaggio’s seven works of corporal mercy”,singing Chiove, Naples,Cathedral, March 2011. He took part to the VIII Session of the Seminary "Science, Literature, Imagery…the 20th century in Naples, Historical, sociological moments …, speakers Dr. Ermanno Corsi and others, Naples, Università degli Studi "Federico II", june 2011. In 2001 he had his first CD, Napoli@world.song, produced by Bruno Lauzi (Pincopallo srl). At the moment he is solely involved in music and e "La Tradizione del Canto a Napoli"  is part of a wider cultural project whose aim is the dissemination of the Neapolitan song within the city’s ancient, formidable music tradition by using  “words” and singing. 

with Roberto Murolo

Naples, 2Oth November 1989 Roberto Murolo
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